Posted by: Chris | May 5, 2013

Food Reviews (on-going for May)

We had Grilled Chicken Tzaziki with Pita for dinner.
It was delicious. Dh wondered why I’d not made it before and scored it an A+.
I would give it a B+, as it was quite a bit of work, since the pitas were homemade gf and the salad portion took quite a while.  The pitas ended up being more like Na’an than pocket bread, although they were delicious.
Two other notes: next time, I will add a lot more hot sauce to the marinade. I had already added a bit more but it needs more kick.
Secondly, it needs a separate tzaziki sauce to go over the top of it.
However, the Girlios devoured it, asking for more chicken.
This is the picture from the recipe’s website. I didn’t wrap ours in grease paper. We didn’t need the extra fiber.

Now we are moving onto the Guinness Cake part of Sunday’s festivities.
The batter was delicious so I am hopeful about the cake. It’s sort of a spicy cake with some fruit in it, served with whipped cream. It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve had any but I remember it fondly.
ETA: It was exactly as I recalled. It ends up being like a dense gingerbread, with dark end notes from the Guinness. I love it!
I will freeze the rest of it for holidays, as the Girlios thought it was good, but not an everyday thing.
Dh had a piece, and said it was exactly as he remembered it from Ireland, and could he please have some ice cream instead. :-D
Silly boy.


  1. the chicken sounds really good, and you’re right, it would be better with tzatziki sauce…

    • The cucumber relish was really amazing, though. Dh wants it again in two weeks, instead of the night of Antipasto.

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